• Finite capacity scheduling?
  • Production scheduling?
  • Your own headaches causing problem?

We solve them all in an easy way

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BackSolver implements state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to solve your problem, and runs them in an big sets of high hardware machines.

You can runs many problems in parallel, we will process them all together

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Pay per use

You pay only the computational time you need

  • No hardware cost
  • No license cost
  • No subscription cost

Further you have full and granular control of allocated budget

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Confidential by design

Models are designed to allow maximun confidential and obfuscation of your data

Datas you sent does not contain any information about your orders, activities, tasks, people or whatever you consider privacy.

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Easy to integrate

We provide REST interface to interact with the system. The integration is simple and up to you. We are always active in the support community to help you in the integration phase

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We have an active community that can support you throw the model definition and during the integration.

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Have a new problem?

We like to solve algoritmically hard real world problems. Let us know what's your problem. We are always happy to enlarge our portfolio of solved problems

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